Happy Halloween!

Everyone put on your no rain dance outfits and join me later tonight so we get to celebrate with our traditional parade tomorrow.

  • If the weather cooperates from now till the parade time we may be able to have the Halloween Parade in the back field.
  • If the weather does not cooperate and the fields are too wet, that won't stop us!
  • We will still have our parade! We will come out the front doors of the school (northern parking lot) and parade around the parking lot several times and then come back in through the main entrance for dismissal.
  • If this occurs, we must do a very quick change from parents and cars in the parking lot to freeing up the parking lot to receive buses for dismissal. I ask that if you are park in the northern lot you exit the facility as quickly as possible after the parade.
  • I understand that some may be going through the student pick-up line and be delayed. I will be standing in the lot to assure families and buses leave safely and in a timely manner.
  • If it is deemed not safe for raining for students to be outside the parade will be cancelled.
  • I will send a family text at noon to inform all our parents of whether the parade is on or off and its location.

Quick Reminders:

  1. No weapons with costumes.
  2. Masks can be brought to school but not worn to school for safety while walking, on the bus, and in school. Masks may be worn during the parade.
  3. Parents, not on the permanent pick-up list, must call in the morning to be placed on the list for dismissal. This is due to the expected volume of student pick-up during this activity.

I want to thank everyone for your cooperation in advance! We will make every effort to have our parade but it must be safe to do so.

Remember the town is having a Halloween Celebration at Parks Lake on Saturday from 5:30-8:00pm rain or shine. If you come, please stop by at the fire departments table and say hello!

Mr. McGovern